Hayduke Day 32

Memories from November 4, 2018.

Today was mostly a pleasant walk through meadows of dry grass surrounded by pine forests.

Shortly after setting out, I saw a small herd of maybe six deer. None had antlers which makes them pretty safe from the trophy hunters combing the area.

I passed two section hikers. They mentioned seeing water caches at trailheads. It seems strange to me that if you’re worried enough about the water situation to cache water, you wouldn’t also hide it or bury it to keep honest, if thirsty, people honest.

I ran into two mountain bikers who had passed me the day I entered AZ. They’re section biking the AZT. They told me that the wind would pick up in a few miles. I took this to mean that the East Rim would be exposed and so was planning on camping in Tater Canyon but it was so early when I got there that I went up the ridge to Dog Tank which had water and a sheltered spot to camp.

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