Hayduke Day 38

Memories from November 10, 2018.

It turns out that I didn’t make it as far as I thought last night. I thought that I’d camped at Cremation Creek but after hiking for about an hour I came across a rare trail sign which set me straight.

I also ran across a pair of retired school teachers who were also hiking out the South Kaibab Trail. They’ve been hiking in the Grand Canyon for decades and were a real joy to talk to because of their experiences, interests, and knowledge of the area.

They were also very sprightly. Being half their age meant I could stay ahead but I was push much harder than when I hike by myself.

We got to the top and they helped me figure out the shuttle route (there’s a free NPS bus to many popular points in the South Rim) tinge to the post office. Unfortunately, it is closed on Saturday . It’s a huge downer to think that you’d won the post office race only to discover you weren’t running the right race.

I got a gallon of milk, box of cereal, and ate it in the bath, my first since Bryce 9+ days ago. I did laundry, and ran across my new friends who shuttled me tot the store to the store to use the ATM to get cash to change for quarters since the last two ATMs I’d tried to use were broken. After cleaning up, I tried to find internet and was able to read most of my e-mall but couldn’t upload pics, sync maps, or learn what’s been going on in the world.

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