Hayduke Day 39

Memories from November 11, 2018.

Today my box-trapped-in-the-closed-post-office problem got worse when I realized that tomorrow is Veterans Day. This is compounded by my permit requiring a rim-to-rim hike and I’d wanted to start they well before the post office opened. I set about trying to replace the contents of the box stating with paper maps and directions. In the process I conclusively determined that there is no good internet access to be had at any major establishment in Grand Canyon National Park. However, while visiting the Back Country Information Office, someone came in and canceled an itinerary which had a night at the Bright Angel Campground. This is a hard reservation to get and would mean that I wouldn’t have to do a rim to rim so I snapped it up.

Good internet seems plentiful in the nearby town of Tusayan, a free shuttle ride from the park. Despite inquiring at several shops, I can’t find topo maps of all of sections 13 and 14 so I shelled out again for night in a hotel but this time one with all the modern amenities like stable (in room) internet, a business center, and a bathtub without broken caulking. In short, if you’re going to resupply in Grand Canyon NP and want to do anything more than just pass through, just take the first shuttle to Tusayan instead.

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