Hayduke Day 41

Memories from November 13, 2018.

Today’s hike up the North Kaibab Trail was uneventful. I the most interesting thing, like yesterday, was the trail itself. A number of section have been blasted out of the rock wall. I also decided that my favorite part of the canyon is the middle since you see the most. From the top you can’t really see the bottom and vice versa.

I passed a bunch of rangers heading in the other direction and stopped one more or less to thank them for their service. It was kind of a funny thing but I’ve been wanting to thank a ranger for a while but not one sitting in an office which is where I normally encounter them.

The North Rim Campground is shut down for the winter but still allows permitted walk ins (like me). I wandered around for a while looking for the Admin building which is supposed to have the long operable water spigot. The campground appeared empty but I saw a man walking down the road and asked him. He was on his way to get water as well. It turns out that the admin building is also the Back Country Office which I’d seen on my way in.

It’s pretty cold up here. The inReach’s weather report says it’ll be 19F tonight but the high was only 43F. I layered up before setting up camp but was cold whenever I wasn’t moving or in the direct sun. I usually don’t cook but had a fuel can from my last resupply and decided to actually cook dinner tonight. I’m really surprised at how much warmer I feel.

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