Hayduke Day 47

Memories from November 19, 2018.

Today I finished up Hack Canyon with a road walk which climbed mostly on the side of the wash as its bed got narrower and rockier. Some cows were on the double track and which turned into a graded dirt road and got herded along as I walked. When they got trapped by a fence their personalities came out. One tried to descend into the ravine, got cliffed out, then took the hint that I was standing to one side and galloped past while watching me the whole time. The second was a bull which tried butting the fence and starting at me and only passed after I climbed the embankment to vacate the road for the cattle to feel comfortable turning around. The third just stood there and peed.

After that, it was road walking across the Arizona Strip. It’s mostly gently sloping grassland. I hadn’t been looking forward to it since the topo map makes it look boring. It was actually quite pretty. The Hayduke doesn’t have many wide open spaces so I actually enjoyed it. It was also nice to be able to hit cruising speed for long periods of time.

I called it for the night a few miles short of the highway where I’ll try to hitch into Colorado City tomorrow. I was going to sleep behind a corral so I couldn’t be seen from the road but the cow patties looked fresh so I camped on the other side, hopefully far enjoyed away that headlamps wouldn’t catch me. A few cars passed (surprising as the only things which passed before dusk were a backhoe and a large hare) but none seemed interested so I guess It worked out.

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