Hayduke Day 46

Memories from November 18, 2018.

I spent most of the day hiking the rest of the way up Kanab Creek from shortly after Showerbath Springs to Hack Canyon. I took 9l of water and so was a little disappointed when water reappeared (then disappeared) a few miles before Hack.

There were fish in shockingly shallow puddles of water.

See the fish?

In some places I tried to shortcut a meander. Usually after bushwhacking up a bank, I’d find a clear trail though sometimes the trail was badly overgrown. When the creek bed was dry and level, that made for the easiest walking.

The canyon walls got lower towards Hack Canyon and that turns into a broad wash. I met some cowboys and cowgirls driving a small herd of cattle in the opposite direction. They finished their work and caught back up to me just as I was at the Hack Canyon Trailhead. We chatted briefly and they offered to leave a beer for me when they got to the road where they’d left their vehicles. Then they rode off as the sun dropped behind the canyon walls.

I actually caught up to them just as they were driving off and Shane, who had offered the beer, left me two and some candy since he said I’d probably missed Halloween.

I’m an awkward distance from Colorado City where I hope to next resupply. It’s either a long day and a hitch or a day and a half with the need to avoid private property when camping. I’ve decided on the latter and so camp near the Hack Canyon Mine at sunset instead of pushing on into the night. Tomorrow I’ll start the last of the Hayduke’s 14 sections.

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