Hayduke Day 45

Memories from November 17, 2018.

Started at daylight with 4.4 miles of picking my way over rocks on the sloped bank from Fishtail Canyon to Kanab Creek. I wish I’d figured out some way to go faster but there really weren’t any tips other than just getting it done.

I was really happy to reach Kanab Creek. From here I’ll be getting out of the Grand Canyon. It’s been beautiful, exhilarating, and in places tough . I’m ready to be done with it.

There was no campsite on the east bank that the guidebook mentioned but on the west side had a nice sand beach. The rafters I’d seen yesterday passed while I was having a snack. I was glad to have made it before they passed so they would see I was safe.

I only made it a short distance past Showerbath Spring. My pace was meandering which matches the feel of the Canyon. Sometimes the walking was easiest in the creek, others it was on the bank, and sometimes there were boulders to scramble over or deep pools to avoid.

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