Day 110: Enchantment

Memories from August 8

Today was largely mist shrouded making everything more wondrous. Unfortunately, there were several spells of light rain as well. Despite the lack of direct sun, hiking produces enough warmth to dry any clothes on the body except socks so if it hadn’t been for the later drizzle, I would have been quite comfortable upon arriving at camp. As it turns out, I was comfortable anyways since my destination for the day was Olallie Lake Resort whose owner lets passers-by to sit by the stove in the store of her off the grid resort.

So spooky I could scare myself if I’d wanted to.

Most of Mount Adams.

Over the snow and into the fog the hiker tracks do go. Where do the go? Nobody knows! But follow them we wiiiill. (To the tune of Over the River and Through the Woods).

A cairn in the mist creates a wonderful sense of adventure. On a different trip, a friend and I once had to play Marco Polo to locate each other as we hunted for cairns to follow in a dense fog.

The water which collects on plants which has overgrown the trail gets deposited into the clothing of passing hikers. This is known as a hikerwash and is a much greater cause for discontentment than mist or rain.

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